Laurence Garric

About Us

At Garric Collaborative Solutions, we help organisations achieve sustainable growth by applying Lean Six Sigma thinking and principles to employee retention, engagement, efficiency.

We can help you:
- set up processes to hire, onboard, train,
- organise a feedback process and help you start feedback sessions
- streamline your transactional activities
- digitalise your transactional activities
- create an environment of continuous improvement in the workplace
- facilitate the development of a social impact or social conscience programme
- set up a wellness programme in the workplace

By nurturing a more employee-centric organisation, you can increase talent retention, engagement from the employees, while reducing absenteeism, discontent, negative culture, employee attrition, time spent hiring, onboarding, initial training, to spend it on operations, production, learning and development, communications, company development... for a more sustainable growth.


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