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Hilt – www.wearehilt.com is a people consulting business with a mission to help you and your teams achieve career focus, resilience and growth. We work with organisations and individuals to help them identify and achieve career progression and skills development goals for themselves and their teams. We design and deliver group and individual training and learning through our bespoke workshops, online courses, webinars and one-to-one training sessions. Through our lively, engaging and highly practical workshops we promote and encourage a growth mindset for building resilience into the career development process.

We work with organisations to design and implement valid, objective, and accountable interview and selection procedures for their business including how to manage unconscious bias throughout the process.

We are passionate about our clients and our definition of a great day is when our clients tell us that we helped them achieve career growth or clarity of career direction for themselves or for their team members.


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CV and Interview 101, 2nd ed 2021 by Hilt founder, Sinead English

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