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CONFIRM is an Science Foundation Ireland funded Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing. The Centre aims to enable the transformation of Irish manufacturing, to ensure its future competitiveness and sustainability, by supporting industry transition to a smart manufacturing ecosystem.
The emergence of smart manufacturing, including initiatives such as Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing, is leading to a transformational change in all aspects of the supply chain, and is set to change how companies structure their manufacturing operations, and how they cooperate with suppliers and customers. Adopting the smart manufacturing transformation is critical for the long term competitiveness of Irish industry. This will take significant national focus and investment. We must ensure that manufacturing in Ireland does not get left behind as the rest of the world’s manufacturing forges ahead.


  • Research to develop future smart manufacturing technologies.
  • Talent & engaged public promote positive perception of manufacturing in Ireland.
  • Community of practice to embrace the 4th Industrial revolution together.


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