Community Games


About Us

Aldi Community Games was founded in 1967.

Our main objective is to provide young people with the means and the opportunity to utilise their leisure time in a healthy and productive way.

The organisation is child-centred and the focus is on participation rather than winning. Children take part in friendly rivalry, in a fun and healthy way.

To qualify for the National Festival which is held twice a year in the University of Limerick, individual participants must first take part at Area, then at County and sometimes at Provincial level. 7,000 children compete in the National Festivals every year.

The National Festivals take place in UL in May and August of each year.


  • Over 160,000 Participants
  • Active in over 575 local Communities
  • Over 20,000 Volunteers
  • Over 50 various Sporting and Cultural events to choose from


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